Shambhala Triathlon - Boulder


A Call for Participants:

Boulder "Shambhala Triathlon"

Fundraiser for the Konchok Foundation: 


As you may know, over the past five years, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche has generously run marathons to help Konchok Foundation raise money to build the shedra (or school) at Surmang Monastery, the seat of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in Tibet. Now that he has stopped doing marathons, the Sakyong has asked the sangha to take over for him in this endeavor (which has long been an invaluable source of support.) 


 "I have now run nine marathons over the past years to support the rebuilding of Surmang Dutsi Til. Thank you to everyone who supported me in this effort....However, it's now time for you to take over from me in running (or sitting, or walking) for Tibet , to complete the vital dharma projects that we are supporting there."            


– Sakyong Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche


Konchok Foundation has picked up the torch, and we are organizing a Shambhala Triathlon in Boulder! The event is scheduled for September 12 in conjunction with a triathlon/duathlon/5K run at the Boulder Reservoir, organized by Your Cause Sports.


 Event Details:


"Tri for Your Cause" Boulder Triathlon / Duathlon

September 12th; at the Boulder Reservoir at 3:30 PM

Organized by Your Cause Sports


Triathlon:   750 meter swim, 23 mile Bike, 4 mile run

Duathlon:  Run 2 miles, Bike 26 miles, Run 4 miles

Or....         Run 5K


Visit this website for details on how to register:


"Tri for Your Cause" events are designed specifically for individual participants to raise funds for a cause of their choice, and our cause will be the final stages of building the Surmang Shedra.  


When you register, you will pay a $30 (individual) or $40 (team) fee plus sign a guarantee that you can raise a minimum of $70 for your cause. This guarantee must be met by race day when you pick up your packet. You will receive an email with a link to your own fundraising page and how to customize it. Please call or email Ginny Lipson (303-494-7852) after you have registered, so that Konchok Foundation can help you fund raise...also:  if you need to find a team.


You can then, encourage family and friends to financially sponsor your participation in this Triathlon to raise money for the Surmang Shedra. Konchok Foundation will also help you with your fundraising, by making an online appeal to the International Sangha for sponsoring participants.




We will hold an informal celebration on September 12 after the event at the Boulder Reservoir for all participants with refreshments. Please join us for a fun and energizing day at the Boulder Reservoir for an excellent cause!


Other ways to participate for people of varying abilities and inclinations:



For people who would like to participate at a more leisurely pace, we are planning a walkathon to coincide with the Triathlon event. The walkathon will  be around Coot lake, next to the Boulder Reservoir. There is free parking at Coot  Lake, and going around it once is about 1 mile. People can choose  as many laps as they wish and, with this event, we are also encouraging participants to get sponsors. 


More details on this event will be  forthcoming. To sign up (at no cost), please call  303-494-7852 or email  



Participants can commit to a certain number of hours of meditation the week before the event. Or you can commit to solely a few designated hours of meditation (no sports) and likewise request  sponsors to donate money to the  Surmang Shedra project on your behalf. Please formalize your commitment by registering (at no cost) by calling Ginny Lipson at 303-494-7852 or email


If you would like to find out more about the Shedra project, please visit the Konchok Foundation site: 

If you have any questions, feel free to call Ginny Lipson  (303-494-7852) or email:


We look forward to hearing from you and will send out more detailed information later.



The Boulder Triathlon for Surmang Working Group:


Ginny Lipson, Konchok Foundation Board Member

Tracy Steele, Boulder Sangha Member

Gabriel O'Hare, Boulder Sangha Member